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Jan' 22 27

Celebrate The Lunar New Year With Rolex

Mark the start of another auspicious year with a Rolex timepiece of your dreams.

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An iconic classic for generations, the Rolex Oyster Perpetual 41 in Oystersteel features a charming coral red dial for unmistakable presence.

Oyster Perpetual 41

Elegant, timeless and instantly recognisable – for an evergreen Rolex timepiece that never goes out of style, look no further than the Oyster Perpetual 41. The iconic model, hailed as the quintessential Oyster watch, is endowed with a rich and lustrous coral red dial, imbuing the classic design with a bright and contemporary disposition that is just perfect to celebrate new beginnings.

While the watch’s charming red dial commands attention, its myriad design and technical virtues also shine through. The watch’s fastidious construction – featuring the signature Oyster case crafted from corrosion-resistant Oystersteel, hermetically sealed case back, and Twinlock winding crown fitted with a double waterproofness system – exemplifies the uncompromising performance standards set by Rolex. Driven by the self-winding calibre 3230, with paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairspring for optimum shock-resistance and timekeeping accuracy of +/-2 seconds per day, the Oyster Perpetual 41 offers utmost reliability and precision to match its incomparable style. At 41 mm, this Oyster Perpetual model doesn’t shy away from the limelight. It is the perfect embodiment of performance, robustness and elegance – qualities that make the Oyster Perpetual 41 a versatile, all-occasion wrist companion.

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The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust 41 in a white Rolesor version, an exclusive combination of white gold and Oystersteel which imbues the timepiece with subtle refinement.

Oyster Perpetual Datejust 41

The effortless elegance of this Oyster Perpetual Datejust 41 is perfect for gents who value sartorial cachet during moments of revelry. This handsome timepiece bears a quiet yet stylish demeanour in a white Rolesor version, a unique pairing of white gold with Oystersteel, which stands out with subtle sophistication.

Elegant and versatile in equal measure, the watch’s monochromatic appearance sets the stage for its other aesthetic highlights. The distinctive face of this timepiece is a perfectly legible slate dial with sunray finish, paired with sleek hands and hour markers, and the brand’s iconic date-magnifying Cyclops lens. The exquisite display is further elevated by a fluted bezel in 18 ct white gold – a Rolex hallmark of distinction – and a supple five-link Jubilee bracelet that ensures a smooth and comfortable fit for any wrist. Driven by calibre 3235, a self-winding movement at the forefront of watchmaking technology developed in-house by Rolex, the Datejust 41 delivers peerless chronometric performance and flawless functionality to match its refined aesthetic – a distinguished wrist statement backed by prestige and performance.

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The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 36 in 18 ct Everose gold captivates with grace and glamour, while powered by one of the world’s most innovative movements – calibre 3255.

Oyster Perpetual Datejust 41

It is rare for a timepiece to encapsulate eminence and exuberance all at once, but this Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 36 is the perfect expression of both. Gleaming with the soft, warm hue of 18 ct Everose gold, a proprietary pink gold alloy cast and crafted by Rolex at its in-house foundry, the Day-Date 36 is an exquisite timepiece that brims with presence and poise. The radiant Oyster case with fluted bezel frames a splendid brown ombré dial set with diamonds, further accentuating the watch’s extravagance. Completing the look while endowing the watch with functionality is the signature Day-Date calendar display, which features the day of the week spelt out in full in an arc-shaped window at 12 o’clock in addition to the date in a separate window at 3 o’clock.

While unequivocally glamorous, the watch also delivers excellent technical performance, powered by the self-winding calibre 3255. A new-generation Rolex movement, calibre 3255 features a number of patented components, such as the Chronergy escapement with blue Parachrom hairspring that guarantees high energy efficiency and resistance to magnetic fields, and Paraflex shock absorbers for extreme stability against shocks. Fondly nicknamed the ‘presidents’ watch’, the Day-Date boasts a rich legacy of being worn over the years by influential world figures and heads of state. This Day-Date 36 certainly exudes the same gravitas, but it is also a watch full of feminine charm and vivacity.

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The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust 36 in an Everose Rolesor version with a dark rhodium dial set with diamonds, which are rigorously selected and artfully set by an in-house team of gemmologists and gem-setters.

Oyster Perpetual Datejust 36

A touch of glitter always goes a long way. Adorned with sparkling diamonds that are meticulously set by hand onto the bezel to ensure unbridled brilliance from every angle, this Oyster Perpetual Datejust 36 is a watch that will stand out at any new year soiree.

Full of delightful details, this Datejust 36 is a study in artful contrasts. Housed in an Everose Rolesor case with Jubilee bracelet – 18 ct Everose gold on the bezel, centre links and crown, with Oystersteel case and outer links – the watch’s luxurious radiance is beautifully paired with a dark rhodium dial and Roman numerals in Everose gold. Featured on one of the most iconic Rolex watches, the sparkle of diamonds and precious gold is simply irresistible. The Datejust 36 is gracefully resplendent, making it an attractive option for women who desire an unabashedly feminine and captivating timepiece. Driven by the self-winding calibre 3255, the watch’s bejewelled allure belies its superlative performance. The movement is not only precise to -/+ 2 seconds per day, it also offers excellent shock and magnetic resistance, with approximately 70 hours of power reserve. A powerhouse on the inside and out, this Datejust 36 is an elevated classic that is primed for a season of celebration.

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