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Jul' 21 21

From the Stars to the Race Track

Designed for professional drivers, the latest Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona models feature dials that are literally out of this world

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Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona in 18 ct white gold featuring a dial made from metallic meteorite – a rare natural material from outer space – with black chronograph counters at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock.

Passion For Speed

Fuelled by a storied legacy and recognised for its sporting elegance, the Cosmograph Daytona takes pole position as the world’s most desirable sports chronograph. Named after the famous closed-circuit race at the Daytona International Speedway, the Cosmograph Daytona was introduced in 1963 as an uncompromising timing tool for motor racing professionals. Distinguished by its high-performance chronograph that measures time within one-eighth of a second, and signature bezel with tachymetric scale that measures speeds up to 400 units per hour, the Cosmograph Daytona has accompanied countless legends of the race track.

Over the decades, the watch has risen to the status of modern horological icon, establishing itself as a desirable luxury timepiece for watch lovers with a passion for driving and speed. This year, the Cosmograph Daytona returns with three stunning new references for discerning collectors. Crafted from 18 ct white, yellow or Everose gold, the new Cosmograph Daytona models come with meteorite dials to elevate the regal and dynamic sports chronograph into an extraterrestrial watchmaking marvel.

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The metallic meteorite dials on the new version of the Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona display patterns that were formed as the heart of an asteroid cooled slowly on its journey through the cosmos.

Searching the Solar System

Brimming with the mysteries and wonders of the solar system, the meteorite dial on the new Cosmograph Daytona is an astounding sight to behold. The intriguing textures and colours of metallic meteorite span a spectrum of silver and grey tones, the result of millions of years of evolution as an asteroid hurtles through space. On the voyage between planets, fragments of this natural extraterrestrial material, primarily composed of iron and nickel, cool by a few degrees Celsius every million years, creating unique, distinctive crystallization within the material that is impossible to recreate on Earth.

Metallic meteorite is rare and challenging to work with, but once it is cut into thin sections and a chemical treatment is applied, the great beauty of its interwoven internal structure is revealed. These fascinating and varied formations are known as Widmanstätten patterns. Given the rare, naturally occurring composition of metallic meteorite, each piece of meteorite that appears on the dial of a Cosmograph Daytona is inherently rare and unique. No two dials are the same, making every Cosmograph Daytona with meteorite dial a truly one-of-a-kind timepiece.

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For ultimate comfort, the watch is fitted with the supple Oysterflex bracelet, which comes equipped with the patented Easylink comfort extension link that allows the wearer to easily increase the bracelet length by approximately 5 mm.

Prestige Meets Performance

Watch lovers will be thrilled by the three models that express the gamut of sporting luxury. The version in 18 ct white gold embodies quiet sophistication. The immaculate lustre of the white gold case is paired with a black monobloc Cerachrom bezel in high-tech ceramic that is corrosion-resistant and virtually scratchproof, marked with a highly legible tachymetric scale made by depositing a thin layer of platinum in the numerals and graduations. The watch is paired with Rolex’s proprietary Oysterflex bracelet that is as comfortable as it is durable, featuring flexible metal blades manufactured from a titanium-nickel alloy, overmoulded with high-performance black elastomer.

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Exuding sportive prestige, the Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona in 18 ct yellow gold with a meteorite dial expresses its race-inspired spirit with its robust and tactile chronograph powered by Rolex’s in-house automatic calibre 4130.

Meanwhile, the models in 18 ct yellow and Everose gold ooze unbridled splendour, complementing the meteorite dials with precious alloys forged in Rolex’s own foundry. Although both models share the same technical features and specifications – 40 mm Oyster case, gold bezel engraved with tachymetric scale, and three-piece link Oyster bracelet with folding Oysterlock safety clasp – each reference is imbued with a distinct personality. The model in 18 ct yellow gold brandishes a stately demeanour, while the version in 18 ct Everose gold radiates polished warmth. Either way, all the Cosmograph Daytona watches with meteorite dials showcase Rolex’s indelible dynamism and opulence at their finest.

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The Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona in 18 ct Everose gold gleams with the evocative lustre of precious alloys forged in Rolex’s in-house foundry.

Beyond their sublime resplendence, the latest versions of the Cosmograph Daytona remain racing tool watches at heart. The highly precise chronograph function is constructed with tactility, reliability and robustness in mind. Rolex’s watchmakers have engineered the pushers to provide instantaneous and accurate actuation of the chronograph mechanism, using the most ideal finger pressure without compromising on precision. To ensure optimum waterproofness of up to 100 metres (330 feet), the case back, edged with fine fluting, is hermetically screwed down with a special tool that grants only certified Rolex watchmakers access to the movement. The Triplock winding crown, fitted with a triple waterproofness system and protected by an integral crown guard, screws down securely against the case, as do the chronograph pushers. Powering the watches is calibre 4130, Rolex’s in-house, self-winding chronograph movement with a blue Parachrom hairspring, manufactured by Rolex in a paramagnetic alloy. Insensitive to magnetic fields, the Parachrom hairspring offers great stability in the face of temperature variations and remains up to 10 times more precise than a traditional hairspring in case of shocks. Fitted with a self-winding module featuring a Perpetual rotor, which ensures continuous winding of the mainspring by harnessing the movements of the wrist to provide constant energy, the Cosmograph Daytona offers a power reserve of approximately 72 hours. Last but not least, the watches are all certified Superlative Chronometers, offering +/- 2 seconds daily accuracy, and are covered by Rolex’s international five-year warranty. Combining exquisite splendour and space-hewn sophistication, the new Cosmograph Daytona models show just what it takes to emerge the winner on the lap of luxury.

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