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Apr' 22 12

New Adventures Beckon With The Tudor Black Bay Pro

Tudor’s new GMT watch will get you out and about.

One can literally feel it in the air. The world is slowly opening up and, as you renew your passports and make a wish list of long-awaited countries to explore, make sure to also pencil in a friendly and reliable travel companion – a trusty two-time zone watch that not only helps you keep track of time at home and abroad with minimal fuss, but also exudes indelible presence to accentuate your holiday style.

Tudor Black Bay Pro Lifestyle 8

This year, Tudor introduces the new Black Bay Pro, a technical model with GMT functionality that does all of the above and more. A robust travel tool watch, the Black Bay Pro draws from an incredible lineage that stretches back almost 70 years, when Tudor started to equip intrepid explorers on groundbreaking expeditions. A historic example is the two-year British North Greenland Expedition to study Arctic ice in 1952, where Tudor supplied watches for 30 members of the expedition with the Oyster Prince, the brand’s first waterproof and self-winding timepiece.

Though the Black Bay Pro is not a direct reiteration of the pioneering Oyster Prince model, it is built on the same values of ruggedness, performance and precision; a bona fide travel GMT watch with aesthetic and technical qualities that are instantly evident on first impressions.

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Housed in a 39mm steel case, the Black Bay Pro immediately draws your attention to its GMT feature. The watch allows you to tell the time in two time zones at a single glance, keeping you constantly on top of things back home while you are on holiday. The dia